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Kumar Prafull
March 25, 2010
Earth Hour
On saturday 27th March 2009 in between 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

January 16, 2010
Antarctica Goes a Little Green

A small part of the icy Antarctica turned green on January 16, 2010 as the ice covered continent's biggest wind farm, which can generate enough electricity to power 500 homes, was formally switched on. A joint New Zealand-US project's three turbines will provide 11 per cent of power needed to run the two nations science bases on Antarctica's Ross Sea coast, cutting greenhouse gas output of about one megawatt and could cut annual diesel use at the bases by 4,60,000 litres and reduce annual Carbon Dioxide output by 1, 370 tonnes. Site work began in November 2008, when large precast concrete foundations were lowered into the ground and water was poured in to freeze them in place. Generating power by wind energy by New Zealand and US wind farm is an epoch making achievement and open new vistas for the continet's exploration and research in an environment through this experiment may well be emulated by other countries having a stake in Antarctica exploration and research. India too can try the experiment.