UEN Summit '12
Global Conference on Environmental Pollution, Restoration, and Management

30th December, 2012 -     Main Conference
29th December, 2012 -     Workshops and Short term courses
28th December, 2012 -     Workshop and Short term courses
The main conference will be one day event on 30th December, 2012.

Preceding the conference will be a two-day training workshop on “Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments” and “Application of Environmental Quality Guidelines” (Dec 28, 29). This workshop is designed to train and educate environmental regulators and scientists from developing countries on how to conduct risk assessments and to develop environmental quality criteria. Workshop trainers will be experts.

We will also offer three free of charge short courses on "Methods in Aquatic Toxicity Testing", "Nanomaterials in the Environment" and "Applied Radioagronomy – Agrochemicals in Agroecosystems". The short courses will be taught concurrently with the workshop.

For the workshop, the maximum number of participants is 150.
For each short course, the maximum number of attendees is 50.

You cannot attend both workshop and short courses because they will be taught concurrently. Choose one that you would like: workshop or short course.

To be fully considered for the short courses, you have to register for the conference before December 1. Onsite registration is not available for the workshop/short course programs. 

Certificates will be granted to the attendees at the end of the program. Your name on the certificate will be written in this order: First name, initial of middle name (optional) and last name. For example, Peter J. Smith or Peter Smith. If you are not satisfied with this name order, please contact the committee at the registration desk for correction.

  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Application of Environmental Quality Guidelines

Short Courses:
  • Methods in Aquatic Toxicology Testing
  • Nanomaterials in the Environment
  • Applied Radioagronomy – Agrochemicals in Agroecosystems